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Ultra Silky Satin Standard Eye Pillows 24pcs

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Product Details
  • Cold Therapy - Freeze It. Place in freezer bag, store in freezer for several hours.
  • Each 4" x 8.5" eye pillow is filled with luxurious French Lavender and Organic Flax Seed.
  • Weight - 10 ounces
  • Standard Tranquility Eye Pillows are Fast Selling ▪ Enjoy up to 500% Markup.
  • Place over closed eyes, feel the gentle pressure relax and soothe tension.
  • Use chilled for migraines and puffy eyes.
  • Can be heated for 30 seconds.
  • Use room temperature to meditate after yoga.
  • Lavender aroma produces a calming influence over the entire body.
  • Ultra Silky Satin - Feels just like silk yet extremely durable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • We have discontinued Made in the USA Sew In Tags.
  • Made in the USA is printed on the back of all Private Labeled Cards.
  • Free Private Labeling with Your Business Name/Logo. Click here for examples.
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