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Wholesale Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Herbal Therapy Neck Wraps & Packs

Spas, Salons, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Promotions, Gifts & Giveaways

*FREE Private Labeling- Its simple, easy and free* 

All Products customized with your business information & logo

Below is an example of

the label that will go

around your products.


Please enter your contact info in the 3 lines below


Upload your logo below in an image file format:

Upload Image File


Click Submit below

Thank you for sending your label information. If you have not already placed your order please do so now and choose "Yes" for the Free Private Labeling Option.  We will match your order to your submitted information.


Enter Information you would like on your label.
You may enter up to 4 lines of information, however you do not

have to use all 4 lines.

The fewer the lines, the larger and bolder the text will be.

Please limit characters to 30 per lines.

Insert your label information below or upload logo, then click submit.


Choose your products and place your order. All of your products will arrive with your business information and/or logo.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
Toll Free 1-877-729-4372

Below are some samples of labels from some of our various clients who submitted their business information and logos. Our art department will take your logo and/or information and formats it to fit into the given label areas, as seen below. 

The labels below are examples of Custom Labels for orders over 300 pieces
where the customer designed the entire card at no additional charge.  
Call for details 877-729-4372

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